On the first Friday of each month, we come together for a lively beginner level contra dance in Norman.

These dances are $5, and are held at the FBC Family Life Center, just southwest of the First Baptist Church (on the corner diagonal to the main church building), at 300 W. Comanche St, Norman, OK 73069.

Parking is available on the north side of Comanche Street. The Family Life Center is on the south side (southwest corner of Comanche & Webster). Once inside the Family Life Center, you’ll find us upstairs.

Directions:  From I-35, take the “Main Street” exit in Norman.  Go “east” on Main (towards “downtown”).  Go about 2.2 miles east on Main until you reach Webster St.   Turn south (right) on Webster and go just one block, to Comanche.   The Family Life Center and parking will be on your right, on the corner of Comanche and Webster.

Information for Family Life Center volunteers:

If you’re helping at our NORMAN dance, THANK YOU, and here are our guidelines:


Please arrive at 7:00 pm. The dance takes place upstairs on the 2nd floor.

Another volunteer will bring:  two big drink containers, sharpies, lemonade mix, paper towels and cups, in addition to a cash box and other items to be used by the producer of the dance who will set up a table at the front area by the elevator. Please look for them and help them unload and bring things upstairs to the kitchen area. You can borrow a cart from the front desk to help transport the items.

Please set up all the above, find/make a sign asking everyone to “write your name on your cup”.

Use the ice in the machine in the kitchen.

Prepare the water and lemonade, then check just before the break to see if refills are needed.

After the dance:

Wipe tables and counter,  wash and dry the jugs, and help bring all the supplies listed above down to the first level, to be loaded into vehicles.


Please arrive at 7:00 pm (Art Lantagne, who runs sound for us in Norman, arrives with sound equipment at 6:30 pm).  Help him unload equipment if he still needs help. Another volunteer will bring the cash box, sign-in sheets, name tags, pens, Sharpies, and lemonade supplies. Please be on the lookout for this volunteer and help bring these items upstairs.

The front desk (on the first floor) has a cart and key to unlock the upstairs closet. You can borrow the cart from the front desk to help transport the items.

Set thermostat to 68/COOL (and remember what it was set on).

Chairs are in the closet on a rack. Set up around the perimeter.

Set up a table at the door – need cashbox,  name-tags and Sharpies,  sign-in sheets and pens.  (Each dancer needs to sign in on a separate line.)

After the dance:

Pay Art $25; band $100; and caller $35.  Leave $50 in small bills (preferably ‘ones’ and fives’) in the cashbox, and the rest in the envelope (found under cash tray), after completing the form on front of envelope.

Put chairs back on rack, return them to the closet and lock the closet door.

Reset the thermostat to the temperature you found it at when you arrived.

Pick up/Take out trash (dumpster in alley).

Return cart (and key) to front desk (downstairs) and pay them $100 rent (please get receipt).