Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall is located at 600 NW 13th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103. Parking is available on the (south and west) sides of the church, and also in the lot across 13th street (to the North).

Information for Daniel Hall Volunteers:

If you’re helping at our DANIEL HALL dance, THANK YOU, and here are our guidelines:


Please arrive at 7:00 pm and BRING TWO BAGS OF ICE (leave receipt in cash box and reimburse yourself).

Help unload wooden storage cabinet where you’ll find:  two big jugs, cups and Sharpies, lemonade mix, and paper towels.

Please set up all the above, place drip-pans under jugs, and find/make a sign asking everyone to “write your name on your cup”.

Prepare the water and lemonade, then check just before the break to see if refills are needed.

After the dance:

Wipe counters.

Wash and dry the jugs (please leave lids OFF jugs), and replace all the supplies in the wooden cabinet.


Get current membership list from Jamie or Jack.

Please arrive at 7:00 pm.

Move the two rectangular tables that are in the dance space – set up the narrower table in the foyer to work the door,  and the wider table (usually found in the center of the dance space) should be pushed out of the way (usually against the wall adjoining the kitchen).

Chairs are on a rack behind divider. Set up about 15 chairs around the perimeter of the room, along the walls opposite where the band is setting up.

Set up the table at the entrance to the venue. You’ll need to get the cashbox,  name-tags, Sharpies, sign-in sheets, and pens.  These items are stored in a wooden storage cabinet (along with sound equipment and drink containers) on the lower level, and will be brought up from the basement by a Scissortail board member who has a key and will open the venue before you arrive.

The sign-up sheets must be placed on the table near the cashbox. Each dancer needs to sign in on a separate line.

Collect membership dues and forms, and gate fees (rates are inside cash box lid).

Cash box must be watched by trusted member until door slows down, then place cash box by band.

After the dance:

Pay band ($100)and caller($35).  (See amounts on cash box lid if out-of-town band/caller).   Leave $50 in small bills (preferably ‘ones’ and ‘fives’) in the cashbox, and the rest in the envelope (found under cash tray), after completing the form on front of envelope.

All paperwork (membership forms and sign-in sheets) stay with cash box.

Put chairs back on rack, and two tables where they were found.

Pick up/Take out trash.

Make sure north and south doors are locked, that all producing equipment is returned to the wooden cabinet in the basement and that the thermostat is back where it was before the dance.