Wayward Hall

Wayward Hall is a private dance barn in Oklahoma City that hosts caller workshops, special event dances, and part of our annual contra dance weekend, Flamingo Fling.

The best way to stay in touch with Wayward Hall is to ask to join the Facebook group.

Wayward Hall is located at 6608 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City. It’s a private residence; look for the mailbox (if there’s a Scissortail event, there will often be a pink flamingo out by the mailbox, and a sign). Turn into the driveway and drive through the gate, 1/4 mile straight down the driveway. At that point, the driveway curves left — but go straight! Through the open gate, between the reflectors. There will be pairs of reflectors that lead you another 600 feet to the parking area near the barn.