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Stillwater has a monthly contra dance, generally on the third Friday of the month (see the calendar for current information as we sometimes move the date in response to the academic calendar). Our dances are $5 general admission. We dance at several different venues in Stillwater:

Click the links for maps and directions.

Are you interested in helping out at a Stillwater dance? If you’re an OSU student you can join our student organization, A Contra Affair: Traditional American Folk Dance. If you’re a member of the Stillwater community, you can also volunteer to help! By far the best way to reach us is via our Facebook group, but if you aren’t on Facebook you can also get announcements about Stillwater dances by joining the Scissortail mailing list.

The Stillwater contra dance has been supported in part by grant funding from the Stillwater Arts and Humanities Council. We are grateful for their support, which has directly contributed to the growth and diversity of our dance community.