English Country Dancing

English Country Dances are held in Oklahoma City twice a month, on second and fourth Thursdays.

Advanced English dances are held about once a month on a less regular schedule; if you are interested, contact us to find out details.

English Country Dancing (ECD), which originated in England in the 1600s, was brought to North America by early European colonists.  It is one of the direct ancestors of contra dancing. Contra and ECD share some dance figures and formations but there are significant differences. Contra dance tunes are typically lively jigs or reels.  ECD has a great variety of musical styles, from elegant and beautiful classical pieces to lively and, yes, raucous! tunes. The dances range from those danced in Jane Austen’s time and before to contemporary dances and tunes which build on those early traditions in creative and interesting ways.

Trying to choose between ECD and contra?  Try both!!

Here’s some video of the Oklahoma City English country dancing group:

Special thanks to Beverly Rapp for contributing to this video! There are hundreds more videos of ECD online; a quick Youtube search will give you a great idea of its fun and complexity.